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Water chiller / Heat pump


The cooling units and heat pumps offered by the "Chiller Frigoriferi" cover so wide different specifications dictated by production requirements and the location in which you want to install the machines.

In the next box you can read the classification of groups, classified according to:
- Type of installation: according to the place where the machine is installed
- Accessories: depending on the application


Depending on where the chiller or heat pump is installed, we will have two types of machines:

Air-cooled: the condensing heat produced by the machine is dissipated by the air
Water-cooled: the condensing heat produced by the machine is dissipated by the water

We recognize the fact that the air-cooled type is provided with axial or centrifugal fans, while the water-cooled type don't have any fans, but 2 inputs and 2 outputs of water, a couple for the process water, and a couple for the condensing water.

It's possible to divide them on the "indoor" or "outdoor" installation (inside or outside of the building). Our range of chillers and heat pumps are equipped with a protection IP54 and are suitable for both of the solutions.

The range is divided as follows:

- Water chiller indoor/outdoor installation air-cooled: Series CFA
- Water chiller indoor/outdoor installation water-cooled: Series CFW

- Heat pump indoor/outdoor installation air-cooled: Series HFA
- Heat pump indoor/outdoor installation water-cooled: Series HFW


The standard series is designed to meet the different needs depending on the application type.

The basic unit CFA (chiller) and HFA (heat pump) is provided with:
- Ecological refrigerant gas R410a
- High-efficiency scroll compressors
- Compressor crankcase heaters
- Insulation of the chassis from the compressors vibration
- AISI 316 stainless steel plate evaporator
- Differential pressure switch for low water flow protection
- High and low pressure switches 
- Liquid line solenoid valve
- Condensing coils with turbo fins
- Axial fans
- Electronic card with microprocessor to control and manage all the functions
- Carpentry panels with phono-acoustic insulation
- 4-way valve for reversing the cycle (on heat pumps HFA)

Starting from the base unit, you can add different acceessories necessary for your process:
- Hydraulic kit with centrifugal pump (low, medium or high head pressure) 
- Hydraulic pump kit and storage tank in galvanized steel with thermal insulation
- High pressure centrifugal fans
- Gas and water manometer 
- Electronic fan speed control
- Electronic expansion valve
- Antifreeze heater on the storage tank and pump
- Electrical board heater
- Kit "winter" chiller: for low ambient temperatures (up to -20 °C air)
- Kit "winter" heat pump: for low ambient temperatures (up to -10 °C air)
- Shell and tube evaporator
- Double set-point with switch on the main panel
- Pre-painted condensing coil with gold-bly treatment for corrosive environments
- 304 stainless steel panel
- Anti-vibration kit
- Filter kit with metal condenser coils
- Water filter kit installed
- By-pass kit installed manually or automatically
- Kit "hot gas" bypass for precision control of water temperature