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ZCM-O (oil cooling)

ZCM-O (Oil cooling)

ZCM-O (Oil cooling) - CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl

ZCM-O: range of air cooled oil chiller


The range ZCM-O has been designed and manufatured for cooling oil process.

The range has been designed with R410a refrigerant gas, it is complete with a microprocessor control card, oil filter installed insisde the unit, axial fan, air filter, set point according to the ambient temperature. The range is realized with 9 models in order to satisfy each need of cooling capacity:

ZCM-O 102

ZCM-O 103

ZCM-O 104

ZCM-O 105

ZCM-O 107

ZCF-O 108

ZCF-O 110

ZCF-0 115

ZCF-O 177


The whole range s complete with important technical plus that our sales office are ready to explain you without ay problem. 

Our chillers are generally available from our stock or, in thee worst case, they are available with a short delivery time thanks to the availability of the components ready from our werehouse. 

Please contact us in case you need more information as the commercial brochure. 


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