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ZME - Mini and compact chillers

ZME - Mini and compact chillers - CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl


The ZME is a range of very compact air cooled water chiller able to cover a cooling capacity from 0,9 kW uo to 3 kW. The range is composed by 4 models of chiller:

ZCM 100

ZCM 101

ZCM 102

ZCM 103


The main features of this range is to have each componects already installed, so each unit can be easily installed on the application. The main components are: evaporator coil positioned inside the water tank, a stainless steel water tank complete with the water pump, water gauge, a calibretaed water by-pass, manual water filling system with level water indicator, electrical plug, electrical supply 220/1/50Hz, refrigerant gas R410a or R134a

As each chiller or heat pump manufatured in CF CHILLER FRIGORIFERI, each unit is engineered thinking to the use of it during the time. So each unit can be  opened for making an easy maintenance and eventually a service job. 


These models are suitable for cooling water in the process cooling application.


These models, as many others, are generally available on our stock for a quick delivery. 


Fro more information please be so kind as to contact our sales office. 


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