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Chiller Air Conditioning

ZCF - Air conditioning chillers

 - CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl ZCF:range of chillers differen chiller models installed for air conditioning application 08 Immagini

Chiller ZCF 1120 for air conditioning

 - CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl Chiller, model ZCF 1120, used for air conditioning application. Office building in Venice 07 Immagini

Water chiller ZCF 1250 + ZCF 1200

 - CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl 250 kW of cooling capacityfor air conditioning, 5 stars hotel in abano Teme, Padova (IT) 09 Immagini

ZCF 110 Office Air Conditioning

 - CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl Air cooled water chiller ZCF 110 in Padova (Italy) for makling air-conditioning / confort 04 Immagini


 - CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl Chiller ZCF 155 used for office air conditioning, chiller complete with remote control. 10 Immagini