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SERVICE & MAINTENANCE - CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl

CF CHILLER FRIGORIFERI air cooled water chiller ranges

CF CHILLER FRIGORIFERI offers you a possibility to make service and maintenance on our chillers and heat pump units.

Our technical people and specialist offers you to make a correct service and maintenance in our water chillers and heat pumps, they are available to give you suggestion how to improve the efficiency on your system.


The start-up of the unit is possible and it changes according to the installation place, Italy or outside of Italy:

ITALY: In Italy we can offer always the first start-up on the units, you can agree this procedure with your sales manager. This  procedure makes a check of the unit, if it is installed correctly both electrically and hydraulically point of view. Then is everything is ok, they do the first start up of the water chiller or heat pump, so they will check if all the pressure and parameters are ok. During this procedure is also possible to have the main information how to make the start and stop of the unit, moreover to have base information for changing the parameters

 OUTSIDE ITALY: if the unit is installed outside of Italy we can make the first start-up of the unit thanks to our world-wide organization. This means we can ask a support to our CF CHILLER FRIGORIFERI distributor in a different nation from Italy,  this permits to assure our final customer to receive the service from our official partner.

In special case the CF CHILLER FRIGORIFERI is available to go directly on the site even if it is outside of Italy, this happens in case of a first priority or special agreement with our customers.


We can offer you a maintenance program for your chiller or heat pump.

To prevent problems on your chiller of heat pump is important according mainly to the type of application. Our technical engineers or distributors can offer you such program, this means they will check the situation of your unit and to prevent technical problems.  At the same time they will clean the main part of your unit, this operation is important in order to keep high efficiency of the unit


in case you have an old chiller and it is filled with the R22, please pay attention because this refrigerant is forbidden for environment green protection  (mainly in the European country, please check with the regulation of your nation). In Italy, for instance, the R22 is forbidden according to EN 2037/2000 regulation so any kind of service is totally no possible.  The CF CHILLER FRIGORIFERI offers to the possibility to change the old chiller at special price, we offer you also the possibility to get back the chiller and destroy it according to our regulation.

Also our distributor can offer the same service, so do not hesitate to contact us in case you need.



All our chillers are supplied with the maintenance and operating manual, this manual is important for making the start-up of the unit, for changing the SET parameters, to understand the alarm code list etc.

In case you lost such manual please contact our service department and give to them the serial number of your units, we will send you again in file format.



You can send an email to our Service Team: service@chiller-frigoriferi.it


SPARE PARTS - CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl


CF CHILLER FRIGORIFERI uses first brand name components so you can easily find them everywhere. In any case you can purchaser the spare parts from us, we can offer you all the parts you needs


During the purchase of your chiller or heat pump you can also ask for a dedicated spare part list. We suggest to do it mainly when you will supply the chiller in territory where it is not easy to find them, we can drive and help you during the order


You can send an email to our Service Team: service@chiller-frigoriferi.it


For more information please do not hesitate to call us + 39 049 8792774 or send a fax to +39 049 8797940 or send and ASK FOR MORE INFORMATION OR OFFER