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The CF Chiller Frigoriferi  is composed of a team of expert people in the field of industrial, commercial refrigeration and air conditioning application.

The CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl offers a wide range of water chiller and heat pumps manufactured with the most important components present in the market. Our solutions are the following:


    → air cooled water chiller from 0.5 kW up to 1200 kW

    → water cooled water chiller from 5 kW up to 1000 kW

    → condenserless unit

    → evaporator less unit

    → water chiller with centrifugal fans

    → water chiller with the free cooling system 

    → personalized water chiller according to customer specification

    → personalized and branded water chiller for OEM purpose (original equipment manufacturer)

    → water chiller or heat pump with SCROLL, ROTARY, SEMI HERMETIC, SCREW compressor type

    → different option or spare parts


The CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl does not offer only the product itself but also a product according to the application. Any application needs a dedicated configured chiller for improving your own production or air conditioning system. So the application we can offer a dedicated solution are the following:

    → water chiller or heat pump for food and beverage application

    → water chiller or heat pump for laser application

    → water chiller or heat pump for beverage application (wine, beer, alcohol etc.) 

    → water chiller or heat pump for process cooling industry application 

    → water chiller or heat pump for strong industrial system application (iron, metal production) 

    → water chiller or heat pump for chemical and pharmaceutical application

    → water chiller or heat pump for soldering machines application 

    → water chiller or heat pump for biogas application application

    → water chiller or heat pump for air conditioning application (civil houses)

    → water chiller or heat pump for air conditioning for big application (hotel and shopping center)


The CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl offers also technical help and service as:

    → to have start-up of the unit (it can be done from our distributor network all around the world)

    → to receive spare part 

    → to get service maintenance and operation service plans

    → to get back the used chiller for updated your old water system plant 

    → to get information for waste your old system with refrigerant R22 which is forbidden in the EU area


Headquarter is located in the industrial area of Villatoro di Saonara (Padova) and also in Piove di Sacco in (Italy). Here are designed, built and tested all our cooling units.

Our production facility is always open and available to assist with functional testing and performance of our cooling units, in line with our corporate philosophy that sees transparency as our first value to forge long and  strong relationships with our partners.

The performance test witnessed by the customer is to demonstrate that the data sheets in our catalogs and in our technical offers exactly meet the customer requirements. The CF Chiller Frigoriferi offers this service at no charge.


CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl

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35020 Villatora di Saonara, Italia

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