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ZCF - air cooled water chiller & heat pimp

ZCF - air cooled water chiller & heat pimp - CF Chiller Frigoriferi srl

ZCF - R410a 

ZCF is a range of air cooled water chiller and heat pump. Each unit is manufatured in cooling or heating&cooling version for outdoor installation, this range is perfet for cooling water process cooling or air conditioning application. This range start from a cooling capacity of 7 kW up to 75 kW. Each single unit has been studied with a big passion and long experience in order to offer to the customer a no problem unit. Therefore each unit is complete as standard of many "option" elemets in order to guarantee a reliable and efficient product, very easy to be installed as to do maintenance during the time.    

Our passion and experience in the production of water chiller and heat pump has allowed us to design the entire range by choosing very reliable components, each component is also well tested. Each individual unit is tested to analyze and monitor the condensation temperatures, evaporation, freezing and equalization of gas during the various phases of work. We can therefore provide a very efficient range, silent, versatile, robust: each single unit is equipped as standard with many useful components to better adapt the unit to the working in various applications, also the installation is simple and fast performance as well as its maintenance.

The range has other very useful and interesting new techniques that our sales offices can present at any time. The range is available in various configurations to meet different needs.

The products are generally available from our stock.

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